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As the innovators for database resiliency, we believe formal training and workshops are the key to helping organizations secure their software supply chains.  Please read through our offers and sign up below to learn more. 


Currently, all courses are taught in English but for an additional small investment we can provide materials in French, Arabic, and Spanish.  As our international presence continues to develop, we will support additional languages. 



Public virtual courses require attendees to utilize Zoom and register ahead of time. 

Private virtual courses generally utilize Zoom, but we are likely to accommodate other well-known but secure tools.  

In-Person (National) 

Currently, our public in-person courses are in the Washington DC area.  However, please sign up below and let us know what city and state you reside in so we can accommodate. 

We welcome private in-person courses anywhere in the US.  Please contact us below and provide additional information. 

In-Person (International) 

Currently, we are exploring public in-person courses in Paris, FR.  Please sign up and indicate your interest and Farah, who lives in Paris, will contact you soonest. 

We have experience providing private courses internationally and will develop relevant workshops to make them more impactful for your organization. 

Current Courses

Foundation of Database Resiliency

Public & Private
Virtual & In-Person
2 Hours

Gain the conceptual understanding required to help your organization establish true database resiliency. 

Students will recognize database resiliency goes well beyond just cybersecurity, data recovery, policies & procedures. 

This unique course explains key factors that often result in vulnerable / weak databases; Non-Functional Requirements & Clean Architecture, Code, and Data.   

In addition to attaining what is required for database resiliency, students will also learn a 10-step approach every organization can easily incorporate into their development cycle. 

Database Resiliency

Public & Private
In Person
2-Days with 3rd Day Option 

Develop the skillsets needed to enhance organizational continuity by employing the Continuous Resiliency Framework (Discover, Learn, & Improve) on your database solutions. By utilizing the framework, students will gain the understanding needed to identify, understand, plan, and fix vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the server implementation, database design, and its supportive code. 

During this two-day course, students will be empowered to immediately start helping their organizations become more resilient. They will discover the value of proven tools, techniques, and processes applicable to any organization regardless of database platform. Lastly, the team will be immersed in a workshop with a real-world database platform containing thousands of risks and successful develop a plan to make it resilient. 

Courses Coming Soon 

As our parent company, disruptiveOps, is an expert in process (Agile, Lean, Governance, Risk, etc.) we will soon offer 1 and 2-day courses to support building-in resiliency for your software supply chains. 

While the courses below have not been finalized, we are available to offer private sessions for any of them within a very short time.  As courses get finalized, we will update this page so please sign up to stay informed. 

Popular Team Frameworks 

Popular Scaled Frameworks 


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