We have the depth and breadth of experience to help organizations become more resilient.  Our services aim to provide the knowledge and management needed to accelerate hardening of database platforms and software supply chains.

Below are the typical services we provide. Our services are tailored to best align for your needs and budget.  Please contact us to learn more.

Proof of Concept 

Our Proof of Concept (POC) service is the ideal way to learn about the benefits of DataOpus and how to quickly improve your resiliency posture.  

POC engagements are typically 30 calendar days so organizations can understand how to establish truly resilient database platforms and maximize the value of the DataOpus tool. 

During the POC, your organization will have a dedicated team consisting of at least one Resiliency Coach and a Customer Success Advocate.  Our team will provide all necessary training, consulting, coaching, mentoring, management, and meeting facilitation.  

Our team and yours will collaborate to minimally develop Plans of Action, Roadmaps, Governance, Standards, Risk/Issue Backlog, Measures & Metrics, and a Common Language.  

These short-term engagements start at only $25,000 and guaranteed to provide immediate Return-on-Investment beyond database resiliency. 

Resiliency Consulting and Coaching

We help teams and individuals help themselves so they can become self-sufficient in building resilient software supply chains and databases. 

Our team members are trainers, mentors, consultants, and coaches.  Besides our deep experience with cybersecurity, our team members are extremely well versed in iteratively and incrementally securing what is most important.  We will be successful by employing an Agile-mindset as well as concepts and methods like Lean, Lean Thinking, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming (XP). 

Experience Matters 

Our Coaches generally have more than 10 years of practical experience and real-world knowledge.  Should we discover needs along the way, that we are not experts with, we can leverage our partner network to assist. 

Right-sized Engagements 

We will collaborate with your organization to develop a coaching plan that best suits your needs.  Whether you need one coach or more, three months or three years, DataOpus will work with you to shape the engagement before we start as well as establish short-term objectives to ensure we are helping you with the right-stuff at the right-time in the right-way. 

Risk and Compliance 

The Executive Order (EO) on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity signed on May 12th, 2021, outlined several cybersecurity measures and requirements intended to harden our nation’s digital infrastructure against increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyberattacks. As these updates get incorporated into the Federal Acquisition Regulation for government contractors, they will become mandatory prerequisites for contract renewal. 

These new cybersecurity requirements, implied from the EO, introduce challenges for agencies and contractors. Aligning to the EO is especially challenging as the scope is evolving and will not be actionable until 2022. In addition to the EO, Congress has additional cybersecurity bills working through the House and Senate that provide money and new requirements. 

Our Software Risk & Compliance Management service is an iterative three-phase approach that helps reduce the time, cost, and risk of organizations who must comply to the impending Federal cybersecurity updates. As we are an active participant in the Cybersecurity community, our goal is to help organizations develop a shared understanding and alignment with the 2021 Executive Order (EO) requirements and new Congressional mandates so they can continue to deliver value with a robust cybersecurity policy. 

Advisory Subscription Service

No matter the cybersecurity challenges your organization faces, our Subscription-Based Service aims to continually provide direct insight, feedback, and answers to questions or issues you have. 

Our consultants have extensive experience with software supply chains, resiliency, technical coaching, training, and risk management so leverage our expertise until your organization is self-sufficient. 

Your Investment 

We offer 1 to 4 hours of Advisory Subscription Services a week billable via PayPal monthly.  We offer the flexibility to scale up & down and, based on volume of hours, can provide greater discounts.  To start your investment please sign up with the buttons below or chat with us about how many hours you wish. 




    Exploit the depth and breadth of our analysis engine to auto-identify hundreds if not thousands in just minutes 


    Leverage the learning aspect of each finding to develop  team and individual maturity.


    Use our automated script creation feature to quickly fix coding issues or eliminate cybersecurity threats. 


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