Last Updated 10 April 2023

DataOpus will be continually enhanced to analyze new database platforms and interoperate with 3rd party software.  Below summarizes the database platforms and exportable artifacts currently supported.  We do envision introducing RESTful APIs by Late Spring 2023 to allow customers more seamless use of their information. 

Database Platforms

Below are the database platforms DataOpus can currently analyze.  As we add database platforms, the team will make an announcement to existing customers and of course this web page. 

For database platforms no longer being supported by their vendor, DataOpus cannot guarantee findings and results.  We should, however, always be able to indicate unsupported versions so those users can upgrade appropriately. 

Future Database Platforms

We are currently updating our solution to also include the following database platforms.

Exportable Artifacts

Currently, DataOpus supports the most popular data formats.  If you have a universal format that you want us to add please let us know.

Feedback & Support

While we do not expect any database platform compatibility-level issues please contact support with as much information as possible.