A Systemic Approach

Our DataOpus Health Metrics solution provides exactly what is needed to quickly determine the resiliency of your database platforms.  With resiliency being the primary non-functional requirement for software supply chains and databases, this solution is perfect for your teams to quickly address risks and issues that will reduce organizational continuity and effectiveness. 

Every day the world shifts more towards new digital media and interactive experiences. With rapidly-evolving technologies, changing consumer preferences and oftentimes competing channels, many organizations struggle with how to transform internally to meet the challenges of this new, always connected digital world. We can help.

Our Cloud – Your Cloud

Since our solution is cloud-based, you can attain health metrics on any web-enabled device anywhere in the world 24×7.  However, if your organization requires this solution to be in a private cloud, contact us so we can quickly provide what you need to get started on your path to true database resiliency. 

Health Diagnostics When You Need It

Our pricing model is designed to accommodate the needs of all organizations.  You can just attain scans on demand or have unlimited on-demand scans for months or years.  If you have many databases, we suggest contacting us before purchasing so that we can help determine the most cost-effective approach. 

On Demand


1-Time Scan



Unlimited Scans



Unlimited Scans