The Alpha has been released! 

Today, we released the Alpha version of DataOpus! 

DataOpus is the ONLY solution that provides an ability to scan databases to determine its resiliency.  DataOpus goes beyond cybersecurity checks by also looking for conditions that would prevent or hamper operational continuity like data integrity issues, performance, and wastes. 

The Alpha version only supports MS SQL but serves as a great training tool for those accountable to build and main database solutions.  Below are the core capabilities organizations can exploit today. 

  • Provide ability to connect to the supported data platforms  
  • Provide ability to analyze a database and auto-generate findings and opportunities for improvement  
  • Cybersecurity  
  • Database Design (Tables, Columns, Indexes)  
  • Performance  
  • Code (Stored Procedures, Views, and Functions)  
  • Provide ability for user to gain insights of health and risk on common data platforms  
  • Provide ability to export findings into a CSV  
  • Provide ability to auto-generate SQL code to resolve findings  
  • Provide ability to auto-calculate cost and time saved with the analysis engine  

 We expect to end support of the Alpha once the Beta is released on or about 31 March 2023. 

To see the releases and roadmap for DataOpus please visit 

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